Rwanda hosted Safer Internet Forum for the first time in 2021

ISOC Rwanda Chapter through Rwanda Safer Internet Day (SID) Committee has organized the first edition of Safer Internet Forum in 2 schools located in Bugesera District with the theme of “THE FIGHT AGAINST ONLINE CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE MATERIAL (CSAM).

Safer Internet Forum aims at providing a platform for Rwandans to engage in discussions of Internet technologies, risks and solutions related to Children Online Safety and making the Internet a better place for children and youth.

It gives young people the opportunity to express how they see Internet and new technologies, what it means for them and its the influence in their lives.

The discussion has focused on the various challenges and opportunities that children and youth encounter in the digital environment in line with child sexual abuse material circulating in many content available on many websites.

The forum was lead by expert panelist who have shared their concerns on key questions:

According to their understanding, children must receive education on child sexual abuse material that are available on the web so that they can protect themselves from dangers that can harm their reputation. children have to know consequences of Child Sexual Abuse Material and its impacts to their lives and to the life of the country as well so that they can protect themselves from trauma ,anxiety, low self-esteem and self destruction behavior which may lead to suicide. Children must be taught how to behave whenever they encounter Child Sexual Abuse Material Online either by reporting to their parents or closing the web page. They must be taught how to be responsible by being kind and respectful to others so that they can protect their their online reputation.

Among shared experience, Children have expressed how they use Internet especially social networks like Facebook. They have explained how they share pictures and personal information with friends without knowing the consequences. And have clearly communicated the need for guidance from both parents and teachers.

Children have shared their Experience on Social Media platforms

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